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Welcome to UCCWA.ORG the original home of the Ukrainian Community Center of Washington, USA.  UCCWA.ORG is dedicated to bringing to you much needed information and to assisting you in accessing services.   Thank you for your visit to our web site.  We hope you enjoy your stay..

Oleg Pynda, Executive Director

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Key Facts of Ukraine

Head of State: President Mr. Viktor Yanukovcyh, since February, 2010.
Head of Government: Prime Minister Mr. Mykola Azarov.
Legislative branch: unicameral Parliament (Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn)

Currency Rate (Ukr. Grivna)

Currency Rate - Grivna/USD Currency Rate - Grivna/EUR
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Safety During Excessive Heat

Safety During Excessive Heat

As the temperature continues to increase as it is predicted to this week, the American Red Cross encourages individuals and families to take the necessary precautions for excessive heat.  The very young and the elderly ...

Prepare Your Household for Emergencies

Prepare Your Household for Emergencies

After a disaster, you and your family should be prepared to be on your own for at least three days. In some emergencies, such as an influenza pandemic, you may need to prepare for a week or more. Emergency response team...

Pandemic (Swine) Flu

Pandemic (Swine) Flu

An influenza pandemic is a worldwide outbreak of a new flu virus An influenza — or flu — pandemic is an outbreak of a new type of flu virus that spreads rapidly from one country to another. Because the virus is new,...

Power Outages

Power Outages

Power outages can cause a number of safety concerns; knowing the following information can help. Before a power outage: Register life-sustaining and medical equipment with your utility company. Consider buying ...

Your Voice...

How your voice can be heard? Is it important if somebody actually hear it? We will do our best to make sure that importance of your voice is heard!

Your Community...

Community is one of the most important support groups that help individual to experience enjoyment of life and assist in difficulties, the one might have.

Your Support...

Where to go if you have a problem? Who can help? In our Community Center we are dedicated to provide professional support to people in need.
Welcome to UCCWA

Welcome to the Ukrainian Community Center of Washington. We are a nonprofit service providing organization who seeks to benefit the Ukrainian/American community. With experienced staff who understand the needs of the Ukrainian community in the U.S. and abroad, we provide culturally competent services which achieve outstanding results.

In our website you can find information about us, our goals, services we provide, and our contact information. We encourage you to read about our community center and to work with us to build a better community.

Our Mission:

To promote community empowerment, leadership development, self-reliance and health promotion for the greater Ukrainian/Russian speaking community in U.S. and abroad.

To achieve its mission, UCCW provides programs, activities, seminars, trainings and advocacy for its clients. On this website, you will find description about the programs that are provided, the role of our staff members, our contact information and much more. If any of our services fit your needs, we look forward to helping you benefit from them.


Ukrainian Consulate

Послуги громадянам

Ми здійснюємо та забезпечуємо підготовку, оформлення та нотаріальне посвідчення документів, а в разі потреби і кур’єрські послуги по доставці документів в консульство України та до клієнта. Займаємось питаннями отримання Української візи. Read More

Паспортні питання

У разі закінчення терміну дії закордонного паспорта, громадянам України, які перебувають на постійному консульському обліку Генерального консульства України в Сан-Франциско, термін дії паспорта може бути продовжено на термін до 10 років.. Read More


45 Module Positions

Place your content exactly where you need it with 45 incredibly versatile module positions. Mix and match module positions to create unending layout possibilities ranging from a clean single column page to 7 columns of modules and multiple tiers of content. Read More

Header and Footer Control

Take full control of your site layout with built in configuration options to have both your header and / or footer either wrapped at the same width as the page, or full width spanning the entire browser window. Both the header and footer can be set to wrapped or unwrapped independently.

Ukrainian School

School of Ukrainian Studies

The School of Ukrainian Studies is a Saturday school providing instruction in Ukrainian as a second language to primary and secondary school students.This school is non-denominational and open to all school aged children in the Greater Puget Sound area. Read More



Notary Services at UCCW

A Notary is a responsible person appointed by the state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. As an impartial witness, the Notary ensures that the signers of documents are who they say they are and not impostors. The Notary makes sure that signers have entered into agreements knowingly and willingly.. Read more

Adult DayCare

House of Peace

Our adult day health care facility, (House of Peace) serves older adults and persons with disabilities who need a higher level of care, but can still benefit from receiving services in a group setting.
After enrolling into the program, members of our program are provided the following services ... Read more
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Мета Українського Центру

Сприяння розширенню можливостей громад, розвиток лідерських якостей, зміцнення здоров'я та самодостатності наших діаспор в США та інших державах світу. Для досягнення цієї мети, Український центр має необхідні програми соціального захисту, а також активності, семінари, навчання та ін.
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